My Present Past
A genealogical experience
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Engel Family
Standing left to right: Edith (Taneyhill) Thrasher, Ruth Engel, LaVergne Ervin, George Engel, Dorothy (Lange)
Engel, Edward Lange and Hewitt E. Lovelace Sr.
Sitting left to right: Martha Ervin, Dale Thrasher, Willimina (Johnson) Lange, Josephine (Lange) Ervin and
Richard Dolce. Photo taken Fall of 1944 at 920 S. 10 Highway, Liberty, Missouri.
Left to right:
Richard Dolce, Martha Ervin, the dog, LaVergne Ervin and Dale Thrasher
Photo taken at 920 S. 10 Highway, Liberty, Missouri, fall of 1944
920 S. 10 Highway, Liberty, Missouri, winter of 1944
Looking northwest from the backyard of the Engel residence at 920 S. 10 Highway in 1946.
The two story house in the background is at 1950 Kings Hiway, Liberty, Missouri.
Below: Same location looking directly north