My Present Past
A genealogical experience
Robert Eugene Jacobs Sr
Robert E Jacobs and Ruth M Engel were married November 30th, 1946
in Liberty, Clay County, Missouri.
Honeymoon was at The Acacia Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Ticket Stub
Confirmation of Honeymoon Suite
Pullman Check Ticket
Pullman Check Ticket
Weddings Congratulations
Pullman Check Ticket
Ticket Stub
Here are some images from the C B & Q Railroad.  
Gene was hired by the C B & Q railroad as a telegraph operator in 1945.
Most of his time was spent at the
Birmingham, Missouri depot but during his 9 year tenure
with the C B & Q railroad he also worked at the following depots:
Callao, Macon, Shelbina, Monroe City, Hunnewell, Hamilton, Chillicothe, Liberty,
Block 222, Lathrop, Cameron Jct, Kearney, Carrollton and Browning, Missouri.
Luckily, he met my mom, Ruth Engel at the Liberty Depot in 1945

To view more images of the C B & Q Railroad or the Birmingham Depot just click on the link!
C B & Q Operators Examination
Liberty 1949
Looking East Liberty C B & Q Depot 1947
Looking East Liberty C B & Q Depot 1945
Rail Mail for Liberty 1947
C B & Q Depot Liberty, Missouri
November 15th, 1951 line up for  
C B & Q Depot, Liberty, Missouri
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