David Thomas Nichols
    Born: August 3rd 1812 in Broadalbin, (Fonda's Bush) Montgomery County, New York
    Died: December 10th, 1893 in Wyanet, Bureau County Illinois
    Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois

    Father: Joshua Nichols  born: May 21st, 1783   died: August 4th, 1854
    Mother: Sarah S Cook  born: June 11th, 1788  died: January 5th, 1846

    Married 1: Clarisa Watkins born: December 17th, 1815  died: December 1st, 1845  
    Date of marriage: November 20th, 1834

    1)  William Irving  born: June 8th, 1836   
                            died: April 29th, 1901
    Married: Elizabeth Root on January 1st, 1859

    2)  Minerva Henrietta   born: September 24th, 1838   
    Married: Andrew Garrett on November 10th, 1855

    3)  Horace Wesley  born: July 27th, 1842
    Married: Alice Giles on April 27th, 1865

    Married 2: Huldah G Barry  born: April 30th, 1822  died: July 19th, 1903
    Date of marriage: May 14th, 1846 in St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois

    1) Clarissa Eunice     born: August 02, 1847 in Elgin, Kane County, Illinois
                                           died: August 28, 1919 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas
    Married 1: James Crawford on May 02, 1866 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois
    Married 2: Philip A Millard on April 05, 1894 in Argentine, Wyandotte County, Kansas

    2) Dexter Alonzo     born: January 08, 1849 in New Milford, Winnebago County, Illinois
                                           died: August 04, 1854 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois

    3) David Thomas Jr  born: June 11, 1853 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois
                                            died: September 20, 1854 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois

    4) Sarah Ellyn           born: December 15, 1854 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois
                                          died: November 13, 1928 in Argentine, Wyandotte County, Kansas

                                            died: May 12, 1929 in St Paul Ramsey County, Minnesota
    Married: Mabel Ellen Frans on February 02, 1878 in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois

    6) Emerette Alma    born: December 10, 1858 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois
                                            died: January 25, 1938 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Illinois
David Thomas Nichols
was a worthy descendant of worthy ancestors and
like them in his day and generation lived a useful and honored life.
This account of those who went before him has been collected and transcribed into
this book that his children might have the pleasure of knowing from what good stock they came.
Also as a slight token of the compiler's appreciation of past kindness.

To his memory is this record most respectfully dedicated by:

Lewis J Crary                                                                                                                                                                                  Source:
Chicago, Illinois 1905                                                                                                                                             Family Genealogical Book
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