Born: May 21st, 1783 in Charlemont, Franklin County, Massachusetts
    Died: August 4th, 1854 in Kings Mills, Campton Township, Kane County, Illinois
    At the home of Cushman Walker and Hannah Rowena Crary
    (Source: New York Evening Post Saturday, August 18, 1854)

    Father: Capt Thomas Nichols born: May 15th, 1732   died: May 22nd, 1811
    Mother: Miss Elizabeth Pierce  born: December 26th, 1738  died:

    Married: Sarah S. Cook born: June 11th 1788   died: January 5th, 1846 in Detroit, Michigan  
    Date of marriage: 1810 in Ashfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts

    1)  Dexter Moses Cook born: February 1st, 1811  died: October 19th, 1860
    Married: Julia A Blair of Niles, Michigan  Date of marriage:

    2)  David Thomas  born: August 3rd, 1812 in Broadalbin, Montgomery County, (Fonda's Bush) New York
    died: December 10th, 1893 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois
    Married 1: Clarisa Watkins  Date of marriage: November 20th, 1834
    Married 2: Hulda G Barry  Date of marriage: May 14th, 1846 in St Charles, Illinois

    3)  Achsah Smith born: January 7th, 1814  died:

    4)  Maria Louisa born: May 1st, 1815  died: November 8th, 1896
    Married: Wm H Barse Date of Marriage: June 6th, 1837
    5)  Chauncy Cook born: May 24th, 1817  died: July 7th, 1881
    Married 1: Miss Emily Roberts  Date of marriage:
    Married 2: Miss Carrie Grove of New York  Date of marriage:

    6)  Minerva Eliza born: December 6th, 1818  died:

    7)  Emily Achsah  born: September 5th, 1820  died:

    8)  Horace Sprague born: June 11th, 1822  died: July 3rd, 1895
    Married: Miss Sarah Bailey of Buffalo New, York  Date of marriage:

    9)  Hannah Rowena born: February 12th, 1824  died: April 20th, 1875
    Married: Cushman Walker Crary  Date of marriage: July 03, 1846 in Kane County, Illinois

    10) Daphne Emily born: September 24th, 1825  died:

    11) Sarah Emily born: January 11th, 1829  died:

    12) Joshua Rufus born: March 14th, 1831   died: December 10th, 1902
    Married: Miss Elizabeth Hammond, the daughter of Col. Charles and Charlotte B. (Doolittle) Hammond  
    Date of marriage: February 14, 1855 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

    Children 1-10 were born in Broadalbin, (Fonda's Bush) Montgomery County, New York
    Children 11-12 were born in Manlius Square, Onandago County, New York
Joshua Nichols
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