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Lea Penman
A very fashionable Lea Penman, Denver, Colorado
Gabe, George Engel and Sue Cochran                                                                                   Denver, Colorado between 1911-13
The car pictured below is a 1910 Regal 30.

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1910 Busy Man's Magazine       
Page 138
1910 Busy Man's Magazine       Page 139
George Engel and Sue Cochran sitting at the "Closing of an Era" statue
1910 Census Sue Cochran                             Denver, Colorado
Lea Penman and Sue Cochran sitting at the "Closing of an Era" statue
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Sandy the dog, Lea Penman and Sue Cochran
Denver, Colorado
The "Closing of an Era"

This statue on the east lawn of the capitol depicts a Native American standing over a dying bison. The memorial
was the original idea of a group of real estate investors who thought that such a sandstone statue would lure
newcomers into the Perry Park area of Denver. While this idea never came to fruition, a group called the
Fortnightly Club" and under the leadership of Mrs. E. M. Ashley and Eliza Routt, heard of the idea and thought
that the statue would be a nice addition to the State's exhibit at the
1893 World's Fair Exposition at Chicago.
The group commissioned
Preston Powers, one time dean of the Art Department at the University of Denver and
son of sculptor
Hiram Powers, to make a bronze sculpture. After the Exposition it was placed for permanent
display on the Capitol's East Lawn on a base of granite from Cotopaxi in Fremont County, Colorado. Powers, who
was a close friend of the poet
John Greenleaf Whittier, commissioned the poem for the base of the statue.

The mountain eagle from his snow-locked peaks
For the wild hunter and the bison seeks,
In the chang'd world below; and find alone
Their graven semblance, in the eternal stone.
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