My Present Past
A genealogical experience
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Lea Penman
Date of Production
The House of Fear by Wall Spence
Lea Penman: Paula Knox
Republic Theater  Brooklyn, New York
October 7th, 1929 to November 1929
Headquarters by Hugh Stange
Lea Penman: Mimi Sharon
Majestic Theater  New York
Forrest Theater  New York
December 4th, 1929 to December 31st, 1929
The Venetian by Clifford Sax
Lea Penman: Giovanna of Austria
Theater Masque  New York, New York
October 31st, 1931 to November 1931
Lea Penman:
Valencia Theater  San Francisco, California
December 06, 1931
Absent Father by Francis DeWitte
Lea Penman:
Princess Gloria Demauriac
Maverick Theater  Woodstock, New York
Vanderbilt Theater  New York
October 17th, 1932 to January 1933
The Comic Artist by Glaspell and Matson
Lea Penman: Luella McClure
Morosco Theater  Brooklyn, New York
April 1933
Are Ladies Weak? by Jo Graham
Lea Penman
Boulevard Theater  Queens, New York
August 13, 1933
After Such Pleasures by Dorothy Parker
Lea Penman: The Actress
Barbizon Theater and Bijou Theater  New York
February 08, 1934
So Many Paths by Irving Kaye Davis
Lea Penman: Madame Fuselli
Ritz Theater New York, New York
December 1934
Life's Too Short
Lea Penman: Mrs. Collins
Broadhurst Theater  New York, New York
September 20th, 1934 to September 1935
Closed Garden by Arthur Fleming
Lea Penman
Globe Theater Brooklyn, New York
February 07, 1935
House of Glass Radio Show by Gertrude Berg
Lea Penman: Mrs Miller
NBC Radio Network
August 10, 1935
Wise Tomorrow by Bernard Klawans
Lea Penman:
Biltmore Theater  New York, New York
October 01, 1937
Boy Meets Girl by George Abbott
Lea Penman: Miss Crews
Cort Theater New York, New York
November 27th, 1935 to July 1937
Angel Island by George Abbott
Lea Penman: Carma Grainger
Maryland Theater  Baltimore, Maryland
October 20th, 1937 to November 1937
What a Life by George Abbott
Lea Penman: Mrs Aldrich
Biltmore Theater  New York, New York
April 13th, 1938 to July 8th, 1939
Carriage Trade by George Abbott
Lea Penman:
Fall 1939
The Unconquered by George Abbott
Lea Penman: Antonina Paviona
Biltmore Theater  New York, New York
February 13th, 1940 to February 17th, 1940
An International Incident by Vincent Sheean
Lea Penman: Miss Evadne Martine
Lea Penman: Mrs Burlingame
Ethel Barrymore Theater  New York
April 2nd, 1940 to April 13th, 1940
Four Cheers for Mother by Philip Dunning
Lea Penman
Red Barn Theater  Locust Valley, Long Island, N. Y.
July 1940
Beverly Hills by Otto Preminger
Lea Penman: Geraldine Smith
Fulton Theater  New York, New York
November 7th, 1940 to November 30th, 1940
The Man Who Came To Dinner by Sam Harris
Lea Penman: Mrs Ernest W Stanley
Shea's Theater  Jamestown, Pennsylvania
April 22, 1941
Ring Around Elizabeth by Boretz and Schorr
Lea Penman: Harriet Gilpin
The Playhouse Theater  New York, New York
November 17th, 1941 to November 25th, 1941
The Cat Screams by Martha Hodge
Lea Penman: Madam
Martin Beck Theater  New York, New York
June 16th, 1942 to June 20th, 1942
The Pirate by S. N. Behrman
Lea Penman: Isabella
Martin Beck Theater  New York
November 25th, 1942 to April 27th, 1943
The Aldrich Family by Leonard Goldsmith
Lea Penman: Staging
American Theater  St. Louis, Missouri
January 30, 1944
Annie Get Your Gun by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Lea Penman: Dolly Tate
Imperial Theater  New York
May 16th, 1946 to February 12th, 1949
My 3 Angels by Sam and Bella Spewack
Lea Penman
American Theater  St. Louis, Missouri
April 12, 1954
Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Produced by: Marshall Migatz
Lea Penman: Aunt Eller
Fox Valley Playhouse St. Charles, Illinois
June 10th to June 24th 1955
Annie Get Your Gun
Produced by: Marshall Migatz
Lea Penman:
Fox Valley Playhouse St. Charles, Illinois
June 28th - July 10th 1955