Hewitt Eldrige Lovelace Jr
Hewitt Lovelace Jr & Ruth Engel Jacobs 1944-46
1925 Kansas Census Hewitt Lovelace
Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas

    Born: May 31, 1924 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
    Died: June 05, 2005 in High Point, North Carolina
    Father: Hewitt Eldrige Lovelace     born: September 12, 1886  died: April 1967
    Mother: Marie C Crawford   born: January 23, 1892  died: January 1984
    Married: Madeline Ames Scates   born: June 21, 1924   died:                                             
    Date of marriage: 1940 in Miami, Florida

    1) Hewitt Eldrige lll   born: May 03, 1946 in West Palm Beach Florida  
    Married: Marion Pinkham Smith   Date of marriage: April 14, 1968 in New Jersey
    Children:  Hewitt Eldrige lV   born: May 08, 1969 in Stockton, California

    2) Stephanie              born: May 21, 1949 in Puerto Rico

    3) Machelle                born: July 15, 1955 in Tokyo, Japan
1943 Hewitt E Lovelace Jr at Tucson, Arizona
1943-44 Hewitt Lovelace Jr in Italy
Ruth Engel (front) Hewitt Lovelace (right)
1930 Census Hewitt Lovelace
Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas
Hewitt E Lovelace Jr lived in Argentine,
Wyandotte County, Kansas for most of his childhood.

He graduated from
Argentine High School in 1942
Image Background:
Hewitt Lovelace
United States Air Force
Italy 1943
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Change of command for
Colonel Hewitt Eldridge Lovelace Jr. at the
1840 Air Base Wing at Richards Gebaur Air
Force Base in Belton, Missouri

August 28, 1974