My Present Past
A genealogical experience
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Emma E Fordemwalt
"Dear Sadie"
Let not the shadow of the past
Their sadness oer' you fling
Of moments far too bright too last,
Darkened by sorrows wing;
Of joys which from you long have fled,
Oh do not think with pain;
Past sorrows, joys and fears are dead
They come not back again.

Oh! neer' indulge in darksome fears,
Let hope's say fill thy breast;
Give not a thought to other years,
All things come for the best;
Judge not the future by the past.
Whatever thy sorrow be,
But calmly trust that thou at last
Shalt be from sorrow free

Ever your cousin,
Emma E. Fordemwalt
Pleasant Ridge, Lee County, Iowa
July 30, 1881