My Present Past
Family History
As a young child I would go to my grandparents, George and Dorothy Engel's house and look at what everyone
called, the old stuff. I was amazed and intrigued about how much information my grandparents saved of their
parents, grandparents and great grandparents. I would always get out a large 10-12 inch thick scrapbook and
read the newspaper articles, poems, letters and look at the pictures from the everyday life of my ancestors.  
Little did I know how much this information would eventually influence me, not only with this web site but
with almost every aspect of my life.

My grandmother would always tell me how our relatives were just normal everyday people but they possessed
quality values such as honor, dignity, respect and the most important value of all, trust. As I grew older the old
stuff was in the back of my mind but I would not get involved in genealogy until later.

My mother,
Ruth Jacobs was accepted into the Alexander Doniphan Chapter of the D.A.R. in 1952. She was
proud of the fact that she had a direct descendant from the Revolutionary War,
Capt Thomas Nichols of  
Charlemont, Massachusetts. To my mother, this was the greatest thing that could have been bestowed upon her.
She told me about her grandfather,
Edward J. Engel working for the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific railroad in
Wyanet, Illinois and being a ticket agent for the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe railroad in
Argentine, Kansas. My great, great grandfather, David Thomas Nichols being the first agent for the
Chicago Burlington & Quincy railroad in
Wyanet, Illinois or his cross country journey to California via the
Mormon, Oregon and California trails by mule starting in 1849 and returning to Wyanet, Illinois in 1851.

I would also listen to my dad,
Robert E Jacobs tell about his life on the farm in Jerico Springs Missouri.
His  move in 1943, at 16 years of age, with his younger brother Edgar, to work in the
North American Aviation
B-25 bomber factory in the Fairfax District of Kansas City, Kansas. His tenure at the railroad depot in
Birmingham, Missouri, being a police officer in Liberty, Missouri and his final employment at
Trans World Airlines in Kansas City, Missouri

I hope you enjoy the following information and images of my ancestors,
as much as I am proud to be a small part of them.

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Patriotism has no better way of being enkindled
and manhood and womanhood, too,
no more certain method of elevating itself than in these
individual discoveries of our ancestor's virtues.
For they did have virtues, too, of which we might well be proud.

...... Fred W. Bailey
New Haven, Connecticut June 15th, 1898
The man that cares not who his grandfather was,
is worse than an infidel

........Horace Greely
The story of life,
is quicker than
the wink of an eye.

The story of love,
is hello and goodbye,
until we meet again

........... Jimi Hendrix
Background Image:
Left to Right:
Clifford L Nichols, Sarah "Sadie" Nichols Engel,
Hulda Nichols, Emerette Nichols Yearnshaw and
Clarissa Nichols Crawford
A genealogical experience
A. D. 1984

From frozen trees and icy caves we
hear our ancestors moan.
And know we are but animals,
in winter's frigid zone.

The Kansas City Times
December 01, 1984
"Tempus Omnia Revelat"

When children's dreams,
dissolve with years,
Old ones have left,
no children's tears.
The question's not how mankind came to birth,
But if mankind deserves this treasure, Earth