Most homes in the 1800's contained guest books or
autograph books allowing visitors and friends to leave a
note or a thank you to the hosts. The Engel guest book was
usually kept by the front door sitting on top of the bible.  
The contents of these guest books are from the Nichols
and Engel's homes in Wyanet, Illinois and Argentine,
Kansas. The penmanship is really amazing and is some of
the most artistic and elegant that I have ever seen. The
passion and intensity in the poetic writings are a historical
tribute to the character of the people of that era.
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Edward J Engel
Marseilles, Illinois   July 09, 1878
You will find most of the guest book entries in the Cities,
Towns and Counties section or in the individual biographies
of the people for whom this site is dedicated to.
from Susan B Anthony, who visited Sarah "Sadie" Engel
at Wyanet, Illinois on April 04, 1878. Ms. Anthony's
influence can be seen with my great grandmother's
involvement with the Women's Suffrage movement,
The Order of Eastern Star and
The Hawthorne Club in
Argentine, Kansas in 1905