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Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad
A genealogical experience
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Edward and Sadie Engel arrived in Argentine, Kansas
Halstead during the summer of 1883. At the
time, Argentine was only about three years old after
being platted by
James M. Coburn in November, 1880.

The site of where the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe
tracks are located in Argentine were originally built
by the
Kansas City Topeka & Western Railroad and
leasing their line to the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe
on October 01, 1875.
The main road from Topeka to Emporia, Kansas was put into use August 01, 1870. The line between Topeka and
Atchison, Kansas was opened May 13, 1872. The entire line between Atchison and the Colorado State line was
opened December 23, 1872. The extensions and branches of the road are leased in perpetuity and have been
mostly built under the auspices of the lessee. Except in the case of the Florence, El Dorado and Walnut Valley
Railroad, the company pays by way of rentals the interest on the bonds of its leased lines. The New Mexico
Division opened to Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 16, 1880, to Albuquerque, April 15, 1880, to San Marcial,
October 01, 1880 and to Deming, where the line connects with the
Southern Pacific Railroad of California, 1,135
miles from Atchison on March 01, 1881. The extension of this line to Rincon to the southern boundary of New
Mexico was completed on July 01, 1881 and the Rio Grande and El Paso Railroad (the Texas division of the same
line), 20.15 miles was completed at the same time. The Marion & Mc Pherson Extension from Florence to
Ellinwood was completed on September 01, 1881, Florence, El Dorado & Walnut Valley Railroad to Douglas,
Kansas, August 01, 1881, the extension from Sedgwick to Halstead, December 31, 1881,
In 1882 the following extensions and lines were completed: Kansas City & Olathe Railroad, Holliday to Olathe,
New Mexican Railroad, San Antonio to San Pedro coal fields,
Las Vegas to Hot Springs, Dillion to Blossburg,
New Mexico & Arizona Railroad, Benson Junction to Nogales boundary of Mexico. An additional track was also
laid between Kansas City and Argentine, Kansas, a distance of 4.10 miles. Also in 1882 the company obtained
absolute control of the
Sonora Railroad and gained access by way of the Southern Pacific Railroad to run its
trains over the Southern Pacific Road from
Deming to Benson a distance of 174 miles.
To complete the New Mexico & Southern Pacific Railroad, bonds were issued to acquire the stock of the
Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Kansas Railroad, now known as the
Southern Kansas Railroad.
In February, 1881 the company purchased the
Kansas City, Burlington & Santa Fe Railroad, now a part of the
Southern Kansas Railroad. The Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad is equally interested in the
St. Louis & San
Francisco Railroad in the construction of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad west of Albuquerque, on the Rio Grande.
A controlling interest of share capitol has been set aside for the joint interest of each company.
During the year of 1882 the following leased roads were consolidated: The Kansas City, Emporia & Southern
and the Elk & Chautauqua  Railroad Companies into the Kansas City, Emporia & Southern Railroad Company; the
Marion & Mc Pherson and Marion & Mc Pherson Extension Railroad Companies into the Marion & Mc Pherson
Railroad Company and the Cowley, Sumter & Fort Smith, the Harvey County and the Wichita Southwestern
Railroad Companies into the Wichita Southwestern Railroad Company.
During the year of 1883 construction of the following roads were commenced: Wichita & Western Railroad,
Wichita to Kingman, Kansas, Kansas City & Emporia Railroad, Emporia to Ottawa, Kansas Southern Railroad,
Girard to Chanute, New Mexican Railroad, Route #1, Socorro to Pueblo Spring, New Mexico
and Route #3, Nutt to Lake Valley.

Source: 1884  Poors Manual of Railroads
Below is an update of the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad which coincides with Edward & Sadie's arrival in Argentine, Kansas
1880 Southern Kansas advertisement
While looking for a new opportunity in 1881, Edward along
with his wife Sadie, brother in-law,
Clifford Nichols and
his wife Mabel, travelled to new locations on the
Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe road. This check ticket is from
La Junta, Colorado to Deming, New Mexico
1881 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Pass Check and Ticket
The pass checks above are from Edward J. Engel when he was still employed with the Chicago Burlington &
Quincy Railroad in 1881. At this time he was looking at the vast opportunities that the Atchison Topeka & Santa
Fe Railroad offered as a new and upcoming railroad.  He would later take a position with the Atchison Topeka &
Santa Fe in Emporia., Kansas in 1881, joining his brother in-law, Clifford Nichols, who was a dispatcher with the
same road since 1880. Edward would later transfer to Halstead, Kansas in 1882.
1882 From the River to the Sea
Page 257
1882 From the River to the Sea
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1884 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe
Railroad System showing the
connecting lines in the
United States and Mexico.
1884  Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe advertisement, sleeping cars for
Emigrants travelling to the State of Kansas and west
1879 Farmers Guide
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