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Burlington & Missouri River Railroad
After the completion of the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad at Pacific Junction, there was a need for
further construction of the  parent road to connect it with its western outlet. However, during the year of
1871, the company offered direct service from San Francisco, California on the Western, Sacramento,
Truckee, Humboldt and Salt Lake Divisions of the Central Pacific Railroad. At Ogden, Utah, the route was
continued with the Utah, Laramie, Lodge Pole and Platte Divisions of the Union Pacific Railroad, ending up at
Omaha, Nebraska. At Omaha, passengers were transferred across the Missouri River via ferry or steamship to
Council Bluffs, (Kanesville) Iowa. At Council Bluffs, the Kansas City, St. Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad
transported passengers to Pacific Junction and then continued east along the B. & M. R. R.
1871 Railroad Gazette

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1871 Railroad Gazette

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1871 Railroad Gazette

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1871 Railroad Gazette

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1871 Railroad Gazette

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1872 Advertisement
Burlington & Missouri River Railroad
Passengers also had an alternate route travelling east on the Union Pacific
Railroad at
Kearney, Nebraska, (Union Pacific Junction) when the Burlington
& Missouri River Railroad was completed on September 02, 1872. They
would continue to Plattsmouth, Nebraska, then be ferried across the
Missouri River in a similar manner as at Kanesville, whereupon they would
board eastbound trains at
Pacific Junction.
Service would improve with the completion of the Union Pacific Bridge over
the Missouri River at Kanesville on February 20, 1872. This crossing would
be the quickest for the line until they constructed their own bridge over
the Missouri River at Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
1874-75 Poors Railroad

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1874-75 Poors Railroad

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1891 Burlington Missouri River Railroad
Near Hot Springs South Dakota
1891 Burlington Missouri River Railroad
Horseshoe Bend, Harney Range
Black Hills, South Dakota
1876-77 Poors Railroad Manual of the
Burlington & Missouri River Railroad in
Nebraska, also included is the
Omaha & Southwestern Railroad, a  
leased line that is connected between
Omaha Junction and Crete, Nebraska
through the B. & M. R. R.
1876-77 Poors Railroad

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1876-77 Poors Railroad

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1876 Pacific Tourist giving the
accounts of life around Kearney
and Kearney Junction, Nebraska
during that time period.