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Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad
1948 Chicago Burlington & Quincy Block 222 - Kansas City, Missouri

Harry H. Lancaster - Operator - 1st Trick
Mason L. McFarren - Operator - 2nd Trick
Carl A. Darby - Operator - 3rd Trick
Robert E. Jacobs - Relief Operator
George D. Braden - Wabash Signal Maintenance
Block 222 is located directly south east of the North Kansas City Hospital at the intersection of 210 Highway
and Walker Road. The tower is no longer there but was located just east of the creek on the south side of the
tracks. In 1948, the south track was the Wabash spur and the north track was the Chicago Burlington & Quincy.
The next Block west after Block 222 in 1948 would be Randolph, then North Kansas City and finally Block 224
or commonly referred to as Harlem.
Block 224 is currently located at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and 5th Street in North Kansas City,
next to the Murray Yards.
1948 Chicago Burlington & Quincy work train westbound for North Kansas City,  Block 224 and Harlem.
In this picture you can see the crossover switch used for the Wabash to bring westbound Wabash trains onto
the south track destined  for the Wabash yard and would also be used for eastbound Wabash runs.
Picture was taken from the tower.
1949 Wabash, City of Kansas City westbound for North Kansas City and Union Station. This was the first of
two diesel locomotives purchased by Wabash starting in 1947, which were General Motor F-3's , with the
other being the City of St. Louis. The original baggage, mail, parlor, dining, coach and observation cars were
built by the
American Car and Foundry Company located in St. Charles, Missouri.
They were primarily used for passenger and express service between St. Louis and Kansas City.
Wabash trains would run on both Burlington tracks which are pictured here. The Wabash spur was located on
the south track, just west of the tower, which led to the Wabash yard in North Kansas City.
1949 Wabash, City of Kansas City which is eastbound from the Wabash yard going through the crossover
switch to the north track.
1949 Chicago Burlington & Quincy work train headed west for North Kansas City,  Block 224 and Harlem