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Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad
1864-65 Illinois Gazette
Page 604
1867 Missouri Kansas Directory
Advertisement for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy
1867 Motel Guide
Page 46
1874-75 Poors' Railroad Manual    Page 260

1874-75 Poors' Railroad Manual    Page 261

1874-75 Poors' Railroad Manual    Page 262

1874-75 Poors' Railroad Manual    Page 263

1874-75 Poors' Railroad Manual    Page 264

1874-75 Poors' Railroad Manual    Page 265

1874-75 Poors' Railroad Manual    Page 266
1874-75 Poors Railroad Manual of the
Chicago Burlington & Quincy.
The first Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad depot at Wyanet, Illinois.
This depot was built in 1856 and burned down December 19, 1884.
David T. Nichols sitting out front.
1858 Illinois Gazette
Page 383
1858 Illinois Gazette
Page 384
1858 Illinois Gazette
Page 385
George Arthur Reynolds was born March 28, 1854 to John D. and Mary (Hannum) Reynolds in Belchertown,
Hampshire County, Massachusetts. The family, including George and his sister Nannie, moved to
Macon, Bureau
County, Illinois in 1856, where they lived until 1860. They moved to Buda for two years and then purchased a
160 acre farm in Section #6 of
Indiantown, Bureau County, Illinois in 1862.
George was hired by the Chicago Burlington & Quincy railroad sometime after 1873 as a switch
tender/brakeman. In 1876, George was promoted to Operator and worked with
Edward Engel and David T.
Nichols at the Chicago Burlington & Quincy depot in Buda, Bureau County, Illinois.
1877 he was living at the Weston House, a hotel in Buda and was working as a relief operator at both the
Buda and Wyanet depots. In late 1890 George moved to
Aledo, Mercer County, Illinois where he was the
station agent at that location, which was one of the original sections of the American Central Railway for the
Chicago Burlington & Quincy. There he met
Margaret I. Ingmire, daughter of John and Rachel (Miller) Ingmire
and they were married in the summer of 1900. In 1910
George and Margaret moved to Penn, Stark County,
Illinois, where he was again the station agent for the Buda and Rushville branch of the Chicago Burlington &
His final move was back to Aledo, Illinois around 1915, where George remained the station agent for
the Chicago Burlington & Quincy railroad until his death on
September 07, 1919. George is buried in Aledo
Cemetery next to his wife
Margaret, who passed away on February 17, 1937 in Aledo. Illinois.
George A. Reynolds

Station Agent for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad

Buda, Bureau County, Illinois March 30, 1878
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1877 Employes' Pass
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad
David T. Nichols and Wife