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Callao, Missouri
Callao, Macon County, Missouri was laid out on the Hannibal & St. Joseph railroad line, nine miles west of Macon
City in 1858 by
Samuel Humphrey and Samuel Kemm. Mr. Kemm erected the first business house in the town,
which was used as a store and hotel. The first dwelling house was built by Mr. Humphrey and
William Everhart
opened the first blacksmith shop. The town contains three dry goods and grocery stores, two drug stores,two
blacksmith shops, a furniture store, hardware store, hotel, livery stable, restaurant and a harness shop. There
is also a woolen mill and a flour mill which are both powered by steam. About ten cars of freight comprising of
stock, tobacco and grain are shipped from here each month.
There are four churches in town: The M. E. Church South, Presbyterian and two colored churches of Baptist and
Methodist faith. The population in 1875 is around 250 and by 1885 was about 500.
It is located in a good agricultural district and is a thriving town that has daily mail and express shipments.

Controlling interest in the Hannibal & St. Joseph railroad was acquired on June 18, 1883 by the Chicago
Burlington & Quincy railroad with the purchase of 87,100 shares of common stock and 46,500 shares of
preferred stock. The Burlington line agreed to pay par price for the common stock and $43.66 per share on the
preferred stock on the 5 per cent bonds of the company.
1945 Callao, Missouri looking east from the Chicago Burlington & Quincy depot
Robert E. Jacobs was a relief operator for the Burlington
railroad from 1945 to 1956. He would relieve the
agent/operator at Callao when he went on vacation or was
going to be off for an extended time. There was only one
agent/operator at Callao. His work schedule was Monday
through Friday from 7am to 4pm and Saturday, 7am to noon.
Gene would stay at a boarding house in Callao after his shift
was over and then return to the depot the next day.
J. W. (Mack) Adams was the agent/operator
at the Callao depot in 1949.

His seniority date was October 21, 1942.
1945 boarding house where Gene stayed during his time at Callao
1912 Chicago Burlington & Quincy depot at Callao, Missouri
Boarding house in Callao, Missouri, 2011
The town of Callao was named by Samuel Kinney
after Callao, Peru in South America