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Manitou Springs Colorado
The Midland Terminal Railway was a short line railroad running from the Colorado Midland Railway near
Divide to Cripple Creek, Colorado.

The Cripple Creek gold rush of 1890 inspired the organizers of the Colorado Midland Railway to run a
spur line south from the Colorado Midland line to the Cripple Creek District. After construction
issues stopped the project, the same organizers formed a new company, the Midland Terminal Railway.

Construction began in 1893 with the first segment completed near Divide on December 9, 1893.
The track reached the town of Gillette on July 4, 1894. The line continued south, reaching the Portland
Mine north of Victor by December 1894 and Victor Junction by mid-January 1895. A branch in Victor was
also built in 1895 and extended to near Independence Mine. The line reached the town of Anaconda by
the autumn of 1895 and Cripple Creek in December 1895.

Regularly scheduled passenger trains stopped running in 1931 and just two special passenger trains
ran in 1949 prior to the Midland line shutting down that year.
Colorado Midland Train Bound from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek
Photos taken at Manitou Springs crossing September 1947
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