One of the tunnels in the Moffat Road in 1911
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Hot Sulphur Springs was originally a summer campground and spiritual meeting place for the Ute Indians who
came for the hot springs. The town was established in 1860, making it the oldest town in the county and
originally named it Saratoga West or Warm Springs by
William Newton Byers, founder of the Rocky Mountain
News. Byers wanted to make it a spa and resort town so he surveyed, platted and named the streets to the
city. In 1863 the name was changed to reflect the hot springs in the area that were used for medicinal
purposes. When Grand County was formed, Hot Sulphur Springs was the first county seat from 1874 to 1882,
after which it moved to Grand Lake. The county seat returned in 1888 and has been here ever since.  The town
was incorporated on April 1st, 1903. The Denver Northwestern and Pacific railroad arrived in 1905 and soon the
tourists were able to come and enjoy the springs. The Byers original family cabin still exists to this day and is
located at 204 Byers Avenue, along what is now Highway 40.
1904 advertisements for
Middle Park and
Hot Sulphur Springs before
the Moffat Road.

When you click on William
Byers name above, check
out who his next door
neighbor was in 1870.

You'll be surprised.
The Denver Northwestern & Pacific Railroad arrived at Steamboat Springs in December of 1908. This would
connect this isolated town with the rest of the world. It also provided a shipping point for large amounts of
cattle and coal and bring passenger service, which would help increase the towns economy.
The photos above are from a panoramic shot of Hot Sulphur Springs on the Moffat Road in 1909.
I have presented the image in two parts and as originally shown, in one panoramic image
Panoramic shot of Steamboat Springs in 1909
1904 advertisement for Steamboat Springs
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One of the tunnels in the Moffat Road in 1911