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Wells Fargo & Company
1867 Wells Fargo Advertisement
Pacific Coast Business Directory
40. Gold dust should be put in strong well sewed buckskin
bags, tied and well sealed. Tin cans must not be used as the
least jar breaks the solder on the seams and it leaks out.
41. Shippers should avoid as much as possible the practice
of putting more than one gold bar in a package. They are
liable to break the packing and obliterate the mark. When
bars or coin are put up in boxes, the lid should be screwed
on and the screw heads sealed with wax.
39. If any error or short count occurs in packages not
sealed in accordance with these instructions, the amount
will be charged back to the agent of office forwarding the
38. No package of money in an envelope must be allowed to
leave an office without being thus sealed. Large packages
of money otherwise put up, must be so securely sealed that
they can by no possibility be tampered with without
Extracts from the 1868 Wells Fargo Agents Guide
37. Every currency package put up in an envelope must have
five seals placed upon it as follows: One in the center and
one on each seam halfway up from the center seal in each
1868 Wells Fargo Waybill # 245 San Francisco to Salt Lake
1868 Wells Fargo General Tariffs Pg 58
1888 Wells Fargo Banking Advertisement
July 23, 1898 Land Warrant
Mr E. J. Engel Agent
Wells Fargo & Co. Express
Wells Fargo Christmas Post Card
Wells Fargo Christmas Post Card
1892 image of the AT&SF Depot in Argentine,
Kansas. The person standing far left in picture is
Lot Kirtley, Expressman and Teamster for Wells
Fargo & Company. Lot's horse can be seen on the
left, which is hooked to his wagon. He would bring
the silver ingots from the American Smelting
company to the depot for Express service.

Edward J Engel, far left sitting on bench
1880 Lot Kirtley, Teamster
Argentine, Wyandotte County, Kansas
1889 Argentine, Kansas
Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Depot

$40,000 of silver bullion sitting on a
Wells Fargo cart from the smelter in
Argentine Kansas   

Edward J Engel standing far right
1900 Lot Kirtley, Expressman
ShawneeTwp, Wyandotte County, Kansas