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Genesco, Illinois
1870 Census
Merritt Munson Genesco,
1860 Census
O. A Turner  Genesco, Illinois
1858 Illinois Gazette
Pg 99
1858 Illinois Gazette
Pg 98
Merritt Munson and O. A Turner were separate
purchasers of the Genesco Republic newspaper in 1858.
Mr. Munson acquiring the paper from I. S. Hyatt and
then Mr. Turner with another investor James M Allen.
In the images below you will find the 1865 Illinois
Private Laws passed by the Twenty Fourth General
Assembly. This law provides Genesco with a city
government consisting of a Mayor, elected annually and
a Board of Aldermen, two of whom are elected from
each ward and hold their offices for two years. The
city as of 1877 is divided into two wards
On August of 1855, James Bowie started the
publication of the Genesco Democrat
Standard, which was the first newspaper
started in the Genesco. In the summer of
1856 Mr. Bowie abandoned the newspaper and
returned to New Orleans, Louisiana
He returned in the spring of 1857 and revived
the paper as a Democratic Party paper until
1858 when he ceased publication of the paper.
James Bowie died in Genesco in 1859.
Edward J. Engel, my great grandfather was an agent for the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad from 1875
to 1879 at these locations: Joliet, Genesco, Tiskilwa,
Ottawa and Marseilles, Illinois. In 1879 after the death
of his brother in-law, James Crawford, Edward was the Operator/Agent at the  
C B & Q - C R I & P Junction in Wyanet, Illinois until 1881.
Not even a "Sewing Machine Agent" nor a "Lightning Rod Man"
but only an "Insurance Agent" gladly signs himself as -  Your friend.

James M Hosford                                              Genesco, Illinois                                          December 20, 1879
While working at the Genesco depot, Edward became acquainted with James M. Hosford. The Nichols family
(Joshua Nichols) crossed paths with the Hosford's during James Hosford's duties as a School Superintendent
Onondaga, County New York in 1854. Sadie (Sarah) Nichols Engel, Edwards wife, was the daughter of David T
Nichols, who was the son of Joshua. After Edward and Sadie's departure from Illinois to Kansas in 1881, they
remained close friends with the Hosford's.
James Manning Hosford was born April 15, 1822 to
Stephen and Amy Brown Hosford in Williamstown,
Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He married Susan Sophia Seymour of New York in 1847. They had five
children, Carrie Seymour, born 1849 in New York, James Egbert, born 1850 in New York,  Mary L, born 1856 in
Wisconsin, William Henry, born April 06, 1858 in Genesco, Illinois and Susan A, born
1860 in Genesco, Illinois.
James was a veteran of the Civil War serving for the
112th Regiment Illinois Volunteers, mustering August 11,
1862 in Genesco and being elected Captain of Company I. He was then elected Major of the same company by
the commissioned officers and enlisted men on September 20, 1862. On February 01, 1863 he was injured in
Lexington, Kentucky after being thrown from his horse and re-assigned to the Commissary Department Camp
Douglas in Chicago, Illinois from May of 1863 to October 01, 1865.
After returning to
Genesco, James served as Justice of the Peace and Supervisor and in 1868 he was employed
by the
Home Insurance Company. He also previously served as President of the Board of Education and also
President of the Genesco Collegiate Institute.
He was a Mason and a member of the E. J. Jenkins Post, No. 452 Grand Army Republic of Genesco.
His first wife Susan died on
December 19, 1876 in Genesco, Illinois.
He then married Ruth D. Davidson, widow of Captain William A. Davidson.
His brother Rev.
Henry B. Hosford due to failing health, moved to Genesco around 1882.

Henry B. Hosford passed away on
February 27, 1889 and is buried with his wife, Mary Elizabeth (Plant) Hosford
in Genesco.

James M. Hosford died
August 14, 1898 and Ruth  Hosford died November 08, 1902, both are buried at
Oakwood Cemetery in Genesco, Illinois
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In the two images below from the 1858 Illinois
Gazette, even the publishers are vulnerable to grammar
by mis-spelling the town of Genesco in their publication.
1870 Census

James Hosford             Genesco, Illinois
1880 Census

James Hosford             Genesco, Illinois
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