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Bureau County Agricultural Society
Saturday, June 16, 1855, a notice was published for a meeting of the people in the Bureau County Court House
Henry V. Bacon, Lazarus Reeve, Robert T. Templeton, Benjamin Newell, Justus Stevens, Joseph V. Thompson
Stephen G. Paddock. The meeting convened and Caleb Cushing, Chairman, Stephen G. Paddock Secretary.
Robert J. Woodruff, Arthur Bryant and Thomas S. Elston were appointed a committee to draft an address to
the farmers, and prepare a constitution and by-laws for the society.
Stephen G. Paddock was appointed Corresponding Secretary, and Milo Kendall his assistant. The proceedings
were ordered to be published in the Post.

The second meeting convened July 7, 1855,
Austin Bryant, Chairman, Stephen G. Paddock, Secretary.
Favorable reports were received from the various townships. The Committee on Address reported. The
constitution read and adopted. One thousand copies of the address and constitution were ordered printed. The
committee was thanked for its able address and constitution. The Society permanently organized, and elected
the following officers: President,
Robert J. Woodruff; Vice-President, Winslow R. Bruce, Secretary, Stephen
G. Paddock
, Treasurer, Robert T. Templeton, Directors, Hezekiah W. Terry, Alpheus Cook, Very. Aldrich,
Thomas Grattige and Fred Moseley.

History of Bureau County
H. C. Bradsby 1885
History of Bureau County, Illinois
H C Bradsby pg 321
History of Bureau County, Illinois
H C Bradsby pg 322
History of Bureau County, Illinois
H C Bradsby pg 325
History of Bureau County, Illinois
H C Bradsby pg 326
In 1850, David T. Nichols and a party of men journeyed to
Sacramento, California in search of gold. After one year in the West
and finding his fortune, he returned to Kane County, Illinois.

Transportation for the Nichols party was by mule and horseback,
with  mules being the main mode because of their hardiness and

D. T. Nichols raised mules and many of his friends and relatives were
associated with the animals or the harness making industry.

In 1858, he won an award from the Bureau County Agricultural
Society for "The Best Pair of Draught Mules 3 Yrs.
We have finally got through the snow in coming down the
California Mountains-the mules went about out of sight in
deep snow for six miles - very bad traveling - we made the
end of the Kanyon (Canyon) about 4 o’clock PM and a rich
treat for our mules, splendid grass - they have been 9 days
without grass, give me Spanish Mules for hardships - we see
plenty of  Indian tracks in the Kanyon (Canyon) - the most
splendid sight I ever behold in coming through the Kanyon
(Canyon) the Bold Mountains, each sight for hundreds of
feet perpendicular. Covered with lofty pines and a large
stream dashing and foaming over the rocks.

It’s a noble sight.

David T. Nichols Diary
June 12th, 1851
1894 Bureau County Fair
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