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Argentine, Kansas
Here is what the ingots looked like while waiting on a cart after they were shipped by Wells Fargo wagon from
the Argentine Smelter to the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe depot in Argentine, Kansas.
In the Argentine Kansas
home page is an image of the depot that includes one of the Wells Fargo Express
Lot Kirtley. Notice the smelter stamping on each ingot indicating the origin of the material.
Standing in the background to the far right is Edward J. Engel.
Photo taken in 1889

Delegates of the 1889 Pan American
Conference visit the Consolidated Kansas
City Smelter and Refining Company

A 1900 photo of the main office of the
smelter. This would later become the
site of the Kansas City Structural
Steel Company in 1912
Charles F Lovelace was awarded the first contract
to build the foundation of the Argentine Smelter.
He finished the work on
April 08, 1881
Wyandotte Gazette
Inside the Argentine Smelter
Argentine, Kansas