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The Hawthorne Club
In early 1905 a group of women from Argentine under the guidance of Mrs. Edith Taylor met at a luncheon and
discussed the need for a literary and philanthropic club in the Argentine community. From that meeting the
women decided to form such a club and the first dues of $1.00 were collected. The following officers were
also elected: President -
Mrs. Helen Hutchings, 1st Vice President - Mrs. Edith Taylor, Second Vice President -
Mrs. Maggie Lovelace, Secretary - Treasurer - Mrs. May Crawford, Program Committee -  Mrs. Maggie W.
Mrs. Sadie Engel and Mrs. Edith Darnall. Other charter members were Mrs. Mary O. Bliss,
Mrs. Fannie Blatchley, Mrs. Minerva Smith, Mrs. Essie Landrey,  Mrs. Alice Horne,  Mrs. Ida Gerheart,
Mrs. Louise Hall, Mrs. Jenney Anderson, Mrs. Kittie Lippencott, Mrs. Minnie Enright, Mrs. Emma Lucas,
Mrs. Luna Govier, Mrs. Sadie Gulley and Mrs. Alta Monohan.
Early in the history of the club they studied  Nathaniel Hawthorne and soon adopted this name for their club.
The first official meeting of the Hawthorne Club was September 12, 1905 and was hosted by Maggie Lovelace.
The club would read book reviews, study current events, recite quotations from numerous books including the
bible. During roll call of a meeting if a member did not answer with a quotation and read or tell of a current
event during the meeting, they would be penalized five cents for current events and one cent for quotations.
The original 1905-06 program of The Hawthorne Club
In 1907 when Argentine High School was under construction, the Hawthorne Club discussed the need for a
library. Twenty eight books were donated along with a portrait of Nathaniel Hawthorne to the school library. In
1910, the club rented the Gulley Building on Metropolitan Avenue between 22nd and 23rd streets to be used as
a public library. The library opened on December 28, 1911 with
Miss Hazel Beeler as the first librarian.
In May of 1912, the Argentine Library was made a branch of the Public Library system with
Miss Amy Buie
taking over the duties of librarian. The salaries of the librarians were paid by the Board of Education and the
Hawthorne Club paid the rent on the Gulley Building for the first few months.
The 1906-07 Hawthorne Club Yearbook, including the Constitution of the club and Sadie's handwritten notes.
1906-07 Hawthorne Inside
1906-07 Hawthorne Page 01
1906-07 Hawthorne Page 02
1906-07 Hawthorne Members
1906-07 Hawthorne Page 04
1906-07 Hawthorne
September 11, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
September 25, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
October 09, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
October 23, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
November 06, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
November 20, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
December 04, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
December 18, 1906
1906-07 Hawthorne
January 02, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
January 15, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
January 29, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
February 12, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
February 26, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
March 12, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
March 26, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
April 09, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
April 23, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
May 07, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
May 21, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
June 04, 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
Constitution Pg 01 1907
1906-07 Hawthorne
Constitution Pg 02 1907
The Hawthorne Club meetings
were concluded each year in
June. They would recess in the
months of July and August, then
resume meetings in September.
On November 20, 1906, the ladies of the Hawthorne Club discussed the
causes and the conditions of the Brownsville riot.
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Cover page to the original Court Marshall Proceedings
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