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The Hawthorne Club
The Hawthorne Club has been active in numerous other civic
activities as well. Reading recitals were given and picture shows  at
the local theatre were sponsored. During WW1, the club founded a
Red Cross branch at the library. Since 1925 the club has donated
annually to the Sarah Jacobs Milk Fund and has also provided gifts
for the underpriveledged. During the Depression, the club helped
the Argentine Relief Club in numerous ways including the pageant
"Argentine Then and Now" presented at the high school.
The 1907-08 Hawthorne Club Yearbook, including the Constitution of the club and Sadie's handwritten notes.
1907-08 Hawthorne Inside
1907-08 Hawthorne Title
1907-08 Hawthorne Members
1907-08 Hawthorne Intro
1907-08 Hawthorne
September 10, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
September 24, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
October 08, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
October 22, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
November 05, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
November 19, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
December 03, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
December 17, 1907
1907-08 Hawthorne
January 07, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
January 21, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
February 04, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
February 18, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
March 03, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
March 17, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
March 31, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
April 14, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
April 28, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
May 12, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
May 26, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
June 09, 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
Constitution Pg 01 1908
1907-08 Hawthorne
Constitution Pg 02 1908
Over the years, the Hawthorne Club has made many other donations and contributions to charitable
organizations and causes in the Argentine area. Some of those organizations and causes include: The American
War Dads Memorial,  The Children's Home, the U.W.C.A., Bethany Hospital, the Good Cheer Club, the Life Line
Mission, the Mennonite Home, the Rescue Mission, the Mexican Mission, the Polio Fund, the Red Cross, the
Parish House, the Cancer Fund, memorial contributions to Dr. D. E. Clopper and J. C. Harmon,.
The Hawthorne Club has celebrated a long and outstanding history of serving the people and the needs of the
Argentine area.

Centennial History of Argentine and Kansas City, Kansas
Three Double Holidays in 1908
In 1918 a gift of $25,000 was secured from the Carnegie Foundation for the building of a public library. In
1924 the club commissioned LeRoy Morris to paint a landscape of the Kaw Valley, which hung in the Argentine
Branch Library until its disappearance in the 1951 flood. Other paintings have been donated to the library over
the years and the club has sponsored many annual art exhibits, which were held at the library.
Mrs. Bertha McMann, a club member was head librarian of the Argentine Branch for five years and at the main
library for eight years. In 1925 she started a vacation reading club plan for elementary school children. In
1932 the Hawthorne Club placed a bronze tablet in the library in honor of her memory.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
1889 Haunts of Hawthorne