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1905 Argentine High School Graduation
Leela Gertrude Crawford
1905 Argentine High School Graduation
Leela Gertrude Crawford   Pg 1
Leela Crawford & George Engel
Argentine, Kansas 1896-97
1905 Argentine High School Graduation
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1905 Argentine High School Graduation
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The Emerson and Bruce Schools that were used for the high school in the early 1900's were damaged in the
floods of 1903 and 1904, according to the report of the president of the Board of Education. One of the
most pressing needs was more room for the high school.  There was an old brick building at the corner of
24th and Silver, just two blocks south of Bruce School where the high school was housed, and this became a
temporary school.  It had housed the City Hall, the jail and the "work house" for many years but now it was
devoted to education until 1908 when the first high school building on the present site was erected.
This stone building was on the corner of 22nd and Elmwood, a street which still exists west of 22nd and
south of Ruby as a narrow lane almost an alley, winding west up the hill.  At that time it extended east to
21st street and the high school was on the southeast corner of Elmwood and 22nd.  Later on, Elmwood
became the driveway just north of the school, leading to the parking area to the east and was abandoned as a
street.  The block between Elmwood and Ruby was occupied by homes and the Ruby Avenue Congregational
Church on the corner of 22nd Street.

In 1908, the west section of the nine-room stone building was completed; erected on the site of the old
Lowell building at 22nd and Ruby.  In September of the same year, it was occupied by six teachers and one
hundred students; Minnie J. Oliverson was principal, and one room was used by the grade school.
Sixteen students graduated in 1908.

Source: Hattie E Poppino
Argentine Librarian
1905 Kansas Census Leela Crawford
Leela was born September 14, 1887 in
Topeka, Kansas.
She was the daughter of David Thomas
and Mary May (Hughey) Crawford.
Leela Crawford and George Engel
were cousins and also great
friends while growing up in
Argentine, Kansas.
Leela graduated from Argentine
High School in 1905 with George
following in 1908.
1905 Graduating Class of Argentine High School