Argentine, Kansas
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My Present Past
A genealogical experience
In this section you will view information about Argentine, Wyandotte County, Kansas and the surrounding area
from 1883 to the present. Most of the images and accounts are from my ancestors personal information but I
have also included images and information from other sources that are so noted.

Edward John and Sarah Ellyn "Sadie" (Nichols) Engel were originally from Wyanet, Illinois. They moved to
Emporia, Kansas in 1881 where Edward had been hired by the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad as an
operator. In 1882 he transferred to
Halstead, Kansas and in the spring of 1883 moved to Argentine, Kansas as
the operator and ticket agent for the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. They had two sons, David John who
was born: June 26th, 1883 and died at birth and
George David, who was born: June 27th, 1890. George married
Dorothy Lee Lange in Argentine, Kansas on February 22nd 1914. They had one daughter, my mother,
Ruth Mildred born in Argentine on January 15th, 1915.
There are numerous relatives, friends and co-workers that are included in this section who crossed paths with
my ancestors when they lived in Argentine, Wyandotte County Kansas.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story
From the hills overlooking Argentine, a hundred new buildings can be counted now in process of erection and
contracts are let for as many more. To correctly judge of the situation, we must remember that property on
this side of the river is one-third cheaper than it is on the north side; that we have an individual existence as a
city; that we have a new and unoccupied territory, unsurpassed for manufacturing enterprises; that we have
now in operation works employing thousands of men who need homes; that the magnificent, healthful site for
homes overlooking the Kaw valley are unoccupied and will be in demand this summer as never before. That the
future of Argentine is written with the golden pen of destiny; that every dollar invested in property here will
bring two before fall. There is not a spot on God’s footstool today so full of bright promised as Argentine.
There is activity, life and energy in every movement and the smile of hope adorns every face. It is an
inspiration to live among a progressive, wide awake people. There is a tonic in the air, which to the average man
gives new hope, new purpose and a new life. Let the boom continue.
The Argentine Advocate
March 24, 1888

Upper left corner is Lowell School and just to the right of the school is the Congregational church. Middle of
the picture is the Baptist church at the corner of 1st and Ruby, now 21st and Ruby.
Upper right corner is the gold and silver smelter shops.
Photo and info by Edward J Engel 1888
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 339
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 340
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 341
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 342
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 343
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 344
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 345
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 346
1890 History of Wyandotte County
Pg 347
1886 map of Wyandotte County, Kansas.
Included in this map are Edwardsville, Hadley's plot,
Conner City,  Grandview Place, Windsor Place
and Argentine, Kansas.
1898 Department of the Interior
Land Warrant, Edward J Engel
Wells Fargo Express Agent