My Present Past
A genealogical experience
This website was created to honor the memories of
my present family and past ancestors. Behind each
picture, newspaper clipping, letter, note, poem,
telegram, guest book and diary entry is a story to
tell. Similar to putting pieces of a giant puzzle
together, without knowing where you are going or
when it will end. That is the excitement that awaits
me and the enjoyment of telling the story.

Right: Dorothy Lee (Lange) Engel, my grandmother and
Ruth Mildred (Engel) Jacobs my mother, Lake of the Ozarks,
David Thomas Nichols at the gate, Hulda Nichols seated, Clarissa Crawford standing and Robert (Bob) Crawford standing on the right. Picture taken summer,
1890 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois. David T. Nichols was the first agent for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy railroad at Wyanet, Illinois in 1854.
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Depot
Wyanet, Illinois    Built in 1856

There are four distinct locations on American soil as to the origins of my
ancestors. The first would be where it all began,
Charlemont, Franklin
County, Massachusetts, next would be
Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinois,
Argentine, Wyandotte County, Kansas and of course my hometown,
Liberty, Clay County, Missouri.

My ancestors originated from France, Scotland, Ireland and Germany.
Some of the surnames include: Nichols, Engel, Jacobs, Lange, Ervin,
Krauss, Yearnshaw, Blaine, Penman, Crawford, Dunwell, Millard, Hailey,
Barry, Lawrence, Lovelace, Pierce, Frans, Hauter
and Cook to name just a few.
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Samuel Crossett                                                                     January 17th, 1879
Agent for the
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Junction at Wyanet, Illinois
Edward, George and Sadie Engel.
This photo was taken in Argentine, Kansas in
1896.  Edward was the passenger agent for the
Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe railroad in
Argentine from
1883 to 1928.
Sadie Engel was involved in the suffrage
movement and other philanthropic organizations
in the Argentine area including being one of the
original twelve members of the
Hawthorne Club.

George grew up in the Argentine area and
graduated from
Argentine High School in 1908.
1877 Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Employee Pass
David T. Nichols and wife
Between Mendota and Burlington

David T. Nichols was the first agent for the
Burlington & Quincy railroad at Wyanet, Illinois in 1854

Charles Ervin on left, Engineer, Atchison
Topeka & Santa Fe at Argentine, Kansas.
Charles would marry Josephine Alice Lange
(pictured below) on September 8th, 1922.

Jo Lange was the younger sister of
Dorothy Lee Lange (Engel).

1931 Liberty High School Graduating Class

Ruth M. Engel
Above right:
Josephine Alice Lange in front of the Lange residence at 2019 Ruby Avenue, Kansas City, (Argentine) Kansas.
Sitting on the porch are Louis Lange Jr. and Dorothy Lange. Standing to the right is Willimina Lange.
Photo taken by George Engel 1913