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Flosie Opal Jacobs
Gilbert Rufus and
Flosie Opal Jacobs

    Born: September 04, 1894 in French Lick, Orange, Indiana
    Died: August 30, 1980 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California
    Father: John Smith Jacobs  born: February 22, 1846  died: November 23, 1917
    Mother: America Ann Parsons  born: July 28, 1861  died: July 24, 1945

    Married 1: William Paul Fraisse born: November 10, 1887  died: October 16, 1953  
    Date of marriage: August 16, 1913    Place of marriage: Santa Ana, Orange, California

    Married 2: George Washington Endicott  born: February 22, 1889  died: July 03, 1980
    Date of marriage: 1920  Place of marriage:
Left to Right: Man in suit is John S Jacobs, boy holding little girls hands is Elmer Page Jacobs, lady standing
far right is America (Parsons) Jacobs and girl next to her on bike is Flosie Opal Jacobs.
The two boys standing behind Elmer Page are probably brothers Gori Atlee and Rufus Gilbert Jacobs.
Rufus Gilbert and Flosie Opal Jacobs
Flosie Opal Endicott
The Jacobs family moved to Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri
sometime after Flosie Opal was born in 1894. John was a
carpenter and business was booming in this small Missouri
mining town. They moved to Coffeyville, Montgomery County,
Kansas around 1904, where John was again employed as a
carpenter with the growth of another boom town in south
eastern Kansas. Gilbert Rufus, his son was a Fireman for the
railroad, either the Mopac, Katy or A.T.&S. F. John stayed
behind because of health problems encountered from the Civil
War and the family once again moved to Bozeman, Gallatin
County, Montana in 1910 where America was in charge of a
boarding house and Gilbert was a Fireman for the Northern
Pacific Railroad. Around 1912 the family once again moved to
warehouse district of Los Angeles.
She met William Paul Fraisse and they were married on
August 16, 1913 in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.
Their marriage only lasted three years and Flosie moved back
to Los Angeles in 1916, living at
1411 E 23rd Street with her
brother Bert and working as a stenographer.
Flosie Opal Endicott
Flossie then met George W. Endicott and they were married sometime after 1920. In 1925 they resided in
Sacramento, California where George was a clerk for the
Associated Oil Company and Flossie was a secretary
for the City of Sacramento, City Engineer's office.
In 1936, the separate companies,
Associated Oil Company and Tide Water, were dissolved into the holding
company, now renamed Tidewater Associated Oil Company. Associated was based in San Francisco with a market
area limited to the Western United States. Associated, founded in 1901, had created the prominent Flying A
brand for its premium-grade gasoline in 1932. With the merger and creation of Tidewater Associated Oil
Company, Flying A became the primary brand name for the company, though the Tydol and Associated names were
also retained in their respective marketing areas. During the 1950s, the Associated and Tydol brands gradually
fell into disuse, and were dropped entirely in 1956. That same year, "Associated" was removed from the
corporate name. The Veedol trademark was retained for motor oils and lubricants. BP acquired the Veedol brand
when it bought Burmah-Castrol, who then owned the Veedol brand.  
George W Endicott retired from Tidewater Associated Oil Company in 1964.

George W Endicott died July 03, 1980 and Flosie Opal (Jacobs) Endicott followed one month later, passing
August 30, 1980, both in Sacramento, California.