My Present Past
A genealogical experience
Helen Velma Hailey
Pictures L-R
1) Helen and Albro Jacobs Fall  1925

2) Helen and Albro Jacobs 1926

3) Hazel Hailey Bacher, Marlena
Hailey, Chris Bacher, Albro Jacobs
and Helen Jacobs 1926

4) 1930 Census Albro Jacobs
Helen & Gene Jacobs
Salem, Mo 1929
Helen Jacobs 1927-28
Marlena Hailey, Edgar, Gene & Helen Jacobs
and Glenn Hailey (sitting)
Mary Marlena Alexander Hailey (Helen's mom)
The above pictures of Albro Jacobs
are the only known photo's that  
Robert E Jacobs has of his father.
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