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Clyde V Fillmore
Clyde was a member of the Playgoers Club of Chicago, Illinois in 1915.

1916 Clyde was under the tutelage of George M Cohan and a member of The House of Glass production, which
ran from coast to coast and thrust
Clyde into a dramatic role.

The 1919 Universal production of "
The Woman in the Plot" a story about the Paris Grand Prix, featuring Una
Sam De Grasse, Clyde Fillmore and Maud George was based on the original novel, "Clothes and
Treachery" by Baron De Meyer. The film was put on hold and returned in a different format in 1920 as
"The Devil's Passkey".

He was in a supporting role in the 1919 movie "Fire Flingers" starring
Rupert Julian.
Also in a supporting role was a popular actress
Jane Novak

In his first movie, "The Millionaire Pirate" he was cast as Robert Spur, with leading lady Ruth Clifford.

In the 1920 movie "
A City Sparrow", Ethel Clayton starred alongside  Clyde Fillmore, who was cast as David Muir.
She was also with Clyde in "
The Ladder of Lies" and "Sham" in 1921.

Clyde was opposite boy actor,
Lewis Sargent in the 1920 production "The Soul of Youth.

Mary Miles Minter played opposite Clyde in "Nurse Marjorie".

Pauline Frederick was his next leading lady in the 1921 movie, "Sting of the Lash".

In the 1923 "The Love Pirate" he appeared with vixen
Carmel Myers.

Grace Darmond was the next star opposite Clyde in "The Midnight Guest".

February 09, 1924, Clyde replaced Edward Everett Horton as a stock player at the Fulton in San Francisco.

The 1924 production of Moonlight Follies, directed by
King Baggott featured Marie Prevost in her first
Universal production.

In the 1926 production play, "
Just Life", Marjorie Rambeau was included in the cast.

In 1935 Clyde and his wife, Lea Penman while they were in
New York worked with a local talent school teaching
voice. Afterwards under the insistence of some of the students that were in their class, they started their own
school. One of those students was Marjorie Lord.

In the 1939 production of Too Many Girls, Manuelito was played by
Desi Arnaz, his debut on Broadway.

When Clyde Fillmore appeared in plays at the Fulton Theater his leading lady was usually
Ruth Renick

Other notable people as the Fulton Players in San Francisco: Rex Cherryman, Norman Field, Frank Darien,
V. Talbot Henderson, Helen Audiffred, Lea Penman, Marie Dunkle, Marie Baker, Raymond Northcutt,
Gleason, Gladys Knorr, Emilie Melville, June McCormick, Ralph Kline, George P Webster and Hugh Knox.

In the 1942 movie, "Unholy Partners", Clyde was in the supporting cast of the lead actor,
Edward G Robinson
The Baby
Clyde Fillmore
Shubert Theater  New Haven, Connecticut
October 19, 1925
The Sea Woman by L Lawrence Weber
Clyde Fillmore: Captain Rodney Donaldson
The Little Theater  New York, New York
August 24, 1925
The Right To Kill by Charles Bryant
Clyde Fillmore: Judge Richard Carlton
Garrick Theater  New York, New York
February 15, 1926
Schweiger by Fifth Avenue Playhouse
Clyde Fillmore: Travnick
Replaced Hugh Buckler
Mansfield Theater  New York, New York
April 16, 1926
Just Life by Jacob Oppenheimer
Clyde Fillmore: Gordon Chase
Henry Miller's Theater  New York, New York
September 14, 1926
The Mid-Victorian
Clyde Fillmore
The Fulton Playhouse  Oakland, California
February 10, 1927
Quality Street by Sir James Barrie
Clyde Fillmore:
Elitch's Gardens  Denver, Colorado
June 1927
The Love Nest by Sidney Ross
Clyde Fillmore: Lou Gregg
Comedy Theater  New York, New York
December 22, 1927
The Buzzard by Knox Winslow
Clyde Fillmore: Arthur Lyon
Broadhurst Theater  New York, New York
March 14, 1928
To-Morrow by John Ashley
Clyde Fillmore: Herbert
Lyceum Theater  New York, New York
December 28, 1928
Summer Stock
Clyde Fillmore
Elitch's Gardens  Denver, Colorado
June 1929
She Walked Home? by Anne Nichols
Clyde Fillmore:
Maryland Theater  Denton, Maryland
November 02, 1929
Sweet Stranger by Paul Streger
Clyde Fillmore: J W Marvin
Brandt's Flatbush and Cort Theater  
New York, New York
March 12, 1930
Face the Music by Sam H Harris
Clyde Fillmore: Sheriff
New Amsterdam Theater  New York, New York
February 17, 1932
Absent Father by Francis DeWitt
Clyde Fillmore: Oliver Townsend
Vanderbilt Theater New York, New York
October 17, 1932
Before Morning by Bannister & Norman
Clyde Fillmore: Leo Bergman
Ritz Theater  New York, New York
February 09, 1933
Thoroughbred by Hammerstein & Du For
Clyde Fillmore: Doctor Patten  
Ritz Theater  New York, New York
November 06, 1933
False Dreams, Farewell by Frank Merlin
Clyde Fillmore: Captain Sackett
Little Theater  New York, New York
January 15, 1934
Between Two Worlds by Elmer Rice
Clyde Fillmore: Captain John Whalley
Belasco Theater  New York, New York
October 25, 1934
DeLuxe by Bromfield & Gearon
Clyde Fillmore: Ogden Travis
Booth Theatre  New York, New York
March 05, 1935
Night of January 16 by A H Woods
Clyde Fillmore: John Graham Whitfield
Ambassador Theater  New York, New York
September 16, 1935
Pre-Honeymoon by Anne Nichols
Clyde Fillmore: Senator Dexter
Lyceum and Little Theaters  New York, New York
April 30, 1936
Tide Rising by George Brewer Jr
Clyde Fillmore: Graham Hay
Lyceum Theater  New York, New York
January 26, 1937
Angel Island by George Abbott
Clyde Fillmore: John Kavanaugh
National Theater  New York, New York
Oct 20, 1937   
The Primrose Path by George Abbott
Clyde Fillmore: Augustus Cummings
Biltmore Theater  New York, New York
January 04, 1939
Too Many Girls by George Abbott
Clyde Fillmore: Harvey Casey
Imperial and Broadway Theater  New York, New York
October 18, 1939 - May 18, 1940
The Man Who Came To Dinner by Sam Harris
Clyde Fillmore: Mr Stanley
Hershey Theater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
February 17, 1941