"Dear Sadie"
Let not the shadow of the past
Their sadness oer' you fling
Of moments far too bright too last,
Darkened by sorrows wing;
Of joys which from you long have fled,
Oh do not think with pain;
Past sorrows, joys and fears are dead
They come not back again.

Oh! neer indulge in dark some fears,
Let hope's say fill thy breast;
Give not a thought to other years,
All things come for the best;
Judge not the future by the past.
Whatever thy sorrow be,
But calmly trust that thou at last
Shalt be from sorrow free

Ever your cousin,
Emma E. Fordemwalt
Pleasant Ridge, Lee County, Iowa
July 30, 1881
My Present Past
A genealogical experience
David Fordemwalt
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    d: 1896 in Belcher, Prairie, Arkansas

    Date of Marriage: 1913        Place of Marriage: California

    6) Amos Jephia Fordemwalt
    born: December 01, 1862 in Pleasant Ridge Twp, Lee, Iowa                                               
    died: July 02, 1927 in Pleasant Ridge Twp, Lee, Iowa

    7) Andrew Johnson Fordemwalt
    born: May 12, 1865 in Pleasant Ridge Twp, Lee, Iowa                                               
    died: December 27, 1924 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
    Married: Meltha Ina Sanderson
    Date of Marriage: November 10, 1885      Place of Marriage: Newton, Harvey, Kansas
    1) Maude K Fordemwalt                      b: December 29, 1886 in Burrton, Harvey, Kansas
                                                    d: May 10, 1923 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
    2) Minnie Belle Fordemwalt               b: July 16, 1889 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California
    d: January 12, 1927 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
    3) David Sanderson Fordemwalt        b: October 25, 1891 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California
                                                                d: November 27, 1970 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
    4) Oma Blanche Fordemwalt               b: November 29, 1893 in Marysville, Marshall, Kansas
                                                    d: May 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
    5) Amos John Fordemwalt                  b: February 01, 1896 in Pleasant Ridge Township, Lee, Iowa
                                                        d: June 22, 1971 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri
    6) Meltha I Fordemwalt                    b: March 08, 1898 in Pleasant Ridge Township, Lee, Iowa
                                                    d: January 09 1983 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas
The History of Lee County Iowa
1879  Page 811
David Fordemwalt, farmer, stock-grower and dealer in agricultural implements, Section #33; P.O. Box West
Point, son of John and Anna F (Wagler) Fordemwalt, both of whom were born in Strasbourg, France and in 1817
emigrated to the United States and settled in Wayne County, Ohio, where David was born October 26, 1828. In
1846 David came to Lee County, Iowa and worked in the stables of the livery and stage lines of that day. In
Keokuk, May 20, 1850 he married Catharine Hauter who was born April 26, 1830 in Zweibrücken,
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Soon after their marriage they settled where they now reside and own 330 acres of
land valued at $50.00 per acre. Of this marriage they have nine children,
Anna P., Mary Jane, Emma E., John
William, Charles Edgar, Amos Jephia, Andrew Johnson, Edgar David and Katie Maude. He is a Democrat in politics
and has held various Township and School offices. He was also President and Treasurer of the Lee County
Agricultural Society for a number of years.

History of Lee County, Iowa
Western Historical Company