My Present Past
A genealogical experience
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Argentine, Kansas
Ruth Engel (left) and Bea Sprague
Argentine, Kansas, July 04, 1923
This section is dedicated to the friends of my mother, Ruth Engel, who lived in Argentine, Kansas during the
time Ruth attended school and lived in Argentine. Ruth was born January 10, 1915 to
George David and Dorothy
Lee (Lange) Engel in Argentine, Wyandotte County, Kansas. She lived in Argentine until 1919, when her father
was transferred to Independence, Kansas to be the sales representative for Swift Meat Company. The family
returned to Argentine in 1923 and Ruth attended school there until 1927, when George was again given a
promotion to be the lead salesman in a new and prospering location, the thriving town of Liberty, Missouri.

Both of Ruth's paternal and maternal grandparents,
Edward and Sadie Engel and Louis and Wilimina Lange lived
in Argentine, so she made many friends while living there and attending school. During the time period of
1926-1927, Ruth kept a guest book of her friends and classmates from Argentine Junior High School.
This section will focus on those classmates and will be dedicated as Ruth's Book
Laura Beatrice Sprague was born May 23, 1914 to Henry Monroe and Dora Mae (Simonson) Sprague in
Gravette, Benton County, Arkansas. The family along with her brother
George, moved to Argentine, Wyandotte
County, Kansas sometime after 1917. Living at
2114 Wyandotte, Bea was only a few houses away from Ruth's
Edward and Sadie Engel, who lived at 1622 South 21st and Louis and Willimina Lange, who lived
at 2019 Ruby Avenue. Ruth had just moved back to Argentine in 1923 and was living at 3224 Barber. Bea and
Ruth attended
Franklin Elementary school and they would walk to one of the three drugstores in the area
after school, either A. G. Fleming at 1523 South 21st, McGeorge Drugstore at 2200 Metropolitan or J. C.
Rawles Drugstore at 2615 Strong Avenue. Growing up in Argentine, Ruth and Bea became quite close and spent
a lot of time together. As they got older and advanced to Junior High School they attended
Argentine High
School at 22nd and Elmwood. In the summer of 1927, Ruth moved to Liberty, Missouri and Bea graduated from
Argentine High School in
1930. They kept in touch after Ruth moved to Liberty.
Bea met
Howard D. Keele and they were married September 01, 1933 in Argentine, Kansas. Of this marriage
two children were born,
Laura Louise, May 17, 1934 and Bette Marie, April 01, 1942. The family lived in Kansas
City, Kansas and then  moved to
Edwardsville, Kansas.
She then married Allen Roscoe Gray on
February 06, 1970 in Rich Hill, Bates County, Missouri.
Lauren Beatrice "Bea" Sprague Gray died
June 09, 1981 in Lohman, Cole County, Missouri.
She is buried in
Enloe Cemetery in Russellville, Moniteau County, Missouri.
Benjamin J Stott was born April 22, 1914 to Clarence W and Alta "Anna" (Morse) Stott in Argentine,
Wyandotte County, Kansas. Growing up in
Argentine with his brother Jack and cousin Milo, he attended grade
school there and graduated from Argentine High School in 1931. In 1940 he was living in Chanute, Kansas,
working as an investigator for an insurance company. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps on February 01, 1941
and rose to the rank of Major, being honorably discharged on April 10, 1946.
Benjamin J. Stott died
February 17, 1997 in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas and is buried at
Maple Hill Cemetery in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas.
Betty Elaine Haas was born December 10, 1913 to Dr. Karl C. and Alta E. (Canon) Haas in Argentine, Wyandotte
County, Kansas. She grew up in
Argentine and attended Argentine Public Schools, graduating in 1931. She then
attended the University of Kansas, graduating in 1936. She met Edward A. Benson Jr, son of
Edward Artic and
Lillie Ethel (Lewis) Benson and they were married at the First Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, Kansas in
1937. They
resided after marriage at 703 North 18th Street, Kansas City, Kansas, then to 703 Minnesota
Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas.

Betty Elaine Haas Benson died July 21, 1995, her husband Edward A. Benson Jr., died May 03, 1989.
1927 Betty Haas Argentine Junior High School

Right: Betty Haas, Warren Glenn Haas and Ruth Engel
Argentine, Kansas
Above: Guest book entry of Bea when they were in 7th grade
at Argentine High School.

Right: Ruth and Bea in front of the Engel residence in
Argentine, Kansas on the 4th of July, 1923.