My Present Past
Argentine, Kansas
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Argentine, Kansas 1888
Lowell School upper left. To the right of school and down is Congregational church.
Gold and Silver smelter to the right and top.
Center of picture is corner of 1st street, (now 21st) and Ruby, Baptist church.
Dave West, George Engel, Snap the dog and the community goat
Argentine, Kansas 1899
E J Engel, when he arrived in Argentine, Kansas 1883
E J Engel Ticket Agent
Argentine, Kansas
George Engel and Leela Crawford
Argentine, Kansas 1899
George Engel Guestbook                                         Argentine, Kansas 1898
My grandfather, George Engel kept a
guestbook when he lived in Argentine,
Kansas. There are entries from friends and
relatives dating from the late 1890's to
the early 1900's. The image on the left is
from Leela Crawford, pictured above when
she was 11 and George was 9 years old.
George was the son of E J & Sadie Engel
A genealogical experience